Cabbage Soup Variation Yummy approach to take in cabbage and get the intestinal health and fitness benefits

Cabbage Soup Variation  Yummy approach to take in cabbage and get the intestinal health and fitness benefits


1 clove of garlic

1 entire onion

1 whole butternut pumpkin (also referred to as butternut squash)

1 complete sweet potato

3 medium sized potatos

1 quarter cabbage

10g Tumeric

1 tablespoon of peanut oil

150g of Spinach

1 cup of parsley stalks, leaves and all

1.5 litres of Water

Method of creating the soup

Lightly fry the Onion, Garlic and Peanut Oil a frypan.

Put 1.5 litres of water in a very pot and put over a low heat

Shred cabbage and place during the pot aided by the water

Cut up the Pumpkin increase towards the water

Peel and minimize up the sweet potato increase for the water

Peel and slash up the potatoes increase to the water

Add the spinach

Add the the fried onion, garlic for the pot with h2o.

Put a lid on enable simmer when all the veggies are soft

Add the parsley

Use a handheld blender to mix the contents, then increase tumeric after the consistency is great thick. For those who add it before your hand blender turns the bottom yellow. As displayed in the photo.

Chicken breast – select the quantity, I’d personally increase it on the frying portion. Then at the time cooked add each of the chicken and juice towards the inventory pot (the one particular with all the h2o and greens)

Also cheese or sour cream can be additional if you’d like a dairy part.

If the taste by itself would not make this a regular should take in at your house then these could support!

Why even have cabbage with this recipe

The health advantages of cabbage increase beyond just healing tummy ulcers along with the lining from the intestines. Cabbage also may help in loosing fat, gout, jaundice, constipation, scurvy, rhumatism, arthritis, indications of aging and alzhiemers.

Anti-oxidents are what support our body heal and fight cancer. Cabbage is so higher in nutrients and therefore are small in extra fat.

The Glutamine from the cabbage juice is good for healing stomache ulcers on the other hand supposed to require 100mls – three moments daily in advance of food.

Why even have Butternut Pumpkin (Squash)

The great things about Butternut Pumpkin (Squash) is usually that it truly is superior in anti-oxidants, beta carotene – which your body converts to vitamin A which is great for healing the intestines in addition. Wonderful amount of dietery fiber.

High in amino acids that is significant in almost any vegetarian diet. Also superior in potassium, that may be good available for you. VItamin E also scores perfectly.

Why even have tumeric on this recipe

Tumeric is very well rumoured that will help the human body treat which is a regarded anti-inflammatory only call for 1-2g to the bonus. Tumeric is actually a spice, even so this does not make the meal spicy and you will always dilute by using a bit of milk or soy milk.