Vet Clinics, Shelters, Animal Rights Orgs

Vet Clinics, Shelters, Animal Rights Orgs

Health Discounts4Pets and HealthDiscounts4All works with Vet Clinics, Animal Shelters, Animal Rights Organizations and other Pet Related Causes of all types to Help Everyone Cut their Pet''s Prescription Costs (and their own Prescription Cost). Never Pay Full Retail Again. We want to help you, and those that support your organization, Afford the Prescribed Medications that are Needed for Your Pets and other Family Members to Get Well and Stay Healthy.

As a company committed to Embracing Social Responsibility we offer programs to "Give Back" to Shelters and Animal Rights Organizations. Please contact us to see if your program qualifies.

Many pet owners are surprised to find out....that they can fill most of their veterinarians'' prescriptions at the Convenience and Savings of the pharmacy that they already use. While some drugs are for animal use only, most medications for animals are just different doses of the same medicines as prescribed for people and can be filled along with your other family member’s prescriptions at a Discount at your local pharmacy.



The HealthDiscounts4Pets Drug Savings card is a means to obtain these prescribed drugs for a discount at the convenience of your local pharmacy.In addition, HealthDiscounts4Pets has made arrangements with a U.S. FDA-approved Specialty Pharmacy that can fill those Prescriptions for Animal-Only medications and compounds. Call 800-866-0514, and Always provide your HealthDiscount4Pets savings card details for best pricing.

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·As a company committed to Embracing Social Responsibility, we have a Vision of a Movement of Helping Individuals and Families all across the United States Save on the Prescription Medications their Pets Need to Get Well and Stay Healthy.

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