how to lose weight fast

Learn how to lose weight fast from reading some of my findings below. It’s not going to be easy but if you try it, you may like the results.

How To Lose Weight Fast

What to drink and what not to drink:

The first thing you’ll want to do is drink lots of water. Get rid of the soft drinks and all those other sugary drinks and stick with the water. What’s so good about water? It has no calories and it will fill you up. You are going to want to make sure that the water is cold. This will speed up your metabolism and get you started on your way to losing some weight. Before any meal, during the meal, drink water. Even if you need to take the water in small sips, it’ll still work to fill you up. Tomatoes and watermelon are good to eat, you’ll feel full and they have lots of water in them.

You are going to want fresh fruit so don’t be lazy and drink fruit juices, the fruit juices have sugar in them so go with the fresh fruit. It fills you up and adds some vitamins into your system. You could get out your blender and put some fresh fruit in there, mix it up and drink the fresh fruit like that if you prefer a drink.

You might think that drinking coffee and tea is going to be okay to drink, it’s not so. If you think about it, think of what you are putting in the coffee and tea; the sugars and the milk or creamers. There goes the calorie intake. If you have to drink a cup of coffee or tea, see if you can tolerate either or black.

Alcohol intake should be watched as some beverages are high in calories and not only that, drinking too much will tend to make you want to eat and there goes your weight.

Fruits and Vegetables:

You are going to need fiber; you can get this from eating lots of fruits and vegetables, just make sure that it’s all fresh. Salads need to be eaten as well, if you are learning how to lose weight fast, make sure you include green leafy lettuce. You’ll need to watch what sorts of dressings you put on your salad so lighten up on the amount you put on you lettuce, you can use the spray salad dressings so you are getting the taste and not all the calories.

Sweets and Salt:

Sweets are going to have to go if you are learning how to lose weight fast. This is going to be a hard one as we all crave it. You don’t have to completely stop eating sweets but do watch your intake as this is going to put on calories that you don’t want or need.

Salt is going to have to be eased up on or removed from your table so you aren’t shaking that salt shaker for every meal. It’s not good for you and you will retain water which will increase the numbers on your scale.


Try not to eat between meals, you will pack on the pounds if you insist on a snack, eating between meals means junk food here we come. If you can do without a snack, don’t have one. If you get hungry go for something sensible and not the cookies that are sitting there, go for a vegetable or a piece of fruit to satisfy you until your next meal. Remember not to skip any meals if you can. Try to eat four or five meals a day, just make them small meals.

You are going to have to learn your body if you want to learn how to lose weight fast; this means that you have to know if your body is telling you it’s hungry for food or thirsty for something to drink so you aren’t eating when you could be drinking.

Eating the Same Time Each Day:

It’s said that if you stick to eating at the same time each day, this is going to help too as your body will become accustomed to that time and you’ll see that you are going to feel hungry just before your meal. You’ll want to sit down to a proper meal at those times and eat right.

Counting Your Calories:

One trick you can learn on how to lose weight fast is to count your calories. Whatever you are going to eat, know how many calories is in that food and count it. If you feel you are eating too many calories, you’re going to have to exercise them away so they don’t pack on the pounds for you.

Fried Foods:

Another thing that is important to learn on how to lose weight fast is to stay away from anything fried. Eating fried foods is a complete no-no and will put pounds on you fast. Don’t eat too many eggs. Some say they are good for you, others say their bad for you. Limit them in your diet.


With all the healthy food you are going to eat and learn how to lose weight fast, you are going to have to remember to exercise too. You don’t have to exercise daily but try to do it every other day. Walking is a great way to exercise so if you can try and work that into your routine, that’ll be great. Instead of taking the car, try to walk to where you need to go. Try to keep yourself moving and active and that is as good as exercising.


Try this tip, when you want to exercise and do some cardio, it’s said to drink black coffee before you exercise and that helps you lose more weight.

When you are learning how to lose weight fast and if you follow these few steps, avoid the crash diets. You need to eat, just learn how to eat healthy and correctly. You will see that you are losing the weight but just know, it’s not going to happen overnight. Not as fast as you wanted but you and everyone else will notice you are looking slimmer.

How To Lose Weight Fast – The Conclusion

I am sure there are many more ways on how to lose weight fast but try to follow some of these tips and you’ll be sure to drop the pounds that are not wanted. It’s all a matter of wanting to be healthy and happy and look your best at all times. Eating, drinking and exercising is going to help you drop the weight as long as you follow these guidelines. Keeping this article with you and reading it from time to time to remember certain points as you are learning how to lose weight fast will give you extra help and focus.